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What are the differences between intelligent switch and traditional switch
2020-12-11 14:47:52

Intelligent switch is the intellectualization of traditional switch, which is the improvement and upgrading from traditional switch 1 to N, rather than the invention directly from 0 to 1. Because of this, the appearance and shape of the intelligent switch are basically the same as that of the traditional switch. Many people can recognize the intelligent switch as a switch, and the installation is no different. Of course, smart switches are more different from traditional switches.


In terms of structure, the main difference is the internal structure. The traditional ordinary switch mainly cuts off and connects the circuit, and the internal structure is very simple. In addition to some things inside the traditional switch, the intelligent switch mainly increases the circuit board, including communication module, relay, capacitor and other chips, which is far more complex than the traditional switch.

In terms of technology, this intelligent switch is much more complicated. The intelligent switch should consider communication technology, standby power technology, electronic control technology, programming technology, etc. In fact, intelligent switch is not only a hardware problem, but also involves software, which is one of the biggest differences between smart home and traditional home.

In terms of function, in the final analysis, the function of intelligent switch is similar to that of traditional switch, which is to realize the control of lighting device node. The difference is that traditional switch can only be turned on and off, while intelligent switch can be done more carefully. There are intermediate states between switches, such as adjusting brightness and color temperature. In addition, there are some differences in the number of control, intelligent switch control number is large, traditional switch, generally dozens of hundreds are not big problem.

In terms of use, traditional switches can be pulled, pressed and touched, but there is always one point that people have to control them. Intelligent switches have greatly improved on the basis of retaining some local control methods of traditional switches, such as mobile app control, linkage induction control, timing control, etc., which can be said to break through the space-time limit.

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